Canceling fall damage and faster sleep
7 years ago

Ive found this cool new timesave. While your character is falling asleep, you can still do actions, so if you teleport while falling asleep, you don't take fall damage from a fall if you fall. So, you can save some time by shooting a disc out of bounds to a warp point i.e ice path, sleep and teleport while you fall asleep. Note: you cant be crouched when you try to sleep cause it wont let you sleep. Edit: turns out that clicking thing I mentioned doesn't work, its just that sleeping for less time ends the sleep screen faster.

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This will also keep us healthier as we will get heals during the route


Turns out the damage cancelling we now frequently use is not due to sleeping, but due to pulling out the PDA, not only for sleeping but also for the function "stats" in the menu (bindable function in controls). Using "stats" instead of "sleep" is also faster because to use "sleep" for the first time you need to skip a menu explaining what sleep does. Damage Cancelling was discovered to work this way (the way we use it today as well) by cliffs.

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