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Hey, Not sure where to post this, but I think I discovered a way to cancel dodges to gain speed. I was only able to accomplish this using a speed hack, as:
Binding scroll wheel to jump doesn't let you jump.
Nor does binding your scroll wheel to jump via external software.
Nor does using a macro.
The only way I've found to press space bar once per frame (unless you've got some killer fast fingers) is to use a speed hack.
So who knows, maybe this is more an issue with how the game handles being played at a low speed, or my testing wasn't thorough enough, but here's a video documenting my findings


Realized the speed up wasn't quite right, here's a version with the correct speed


Thanks for your testing! This is certainly interesting, maybe it could be useful with some further testing/developments? Please join the discord (Link on the left side of this page) if you'd like to join in on the discussions!