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Śląskie, Poland

so i was thinking about new categories that could be added to the man man and i've came up with two categories, secret% and blindfolded% the goal of the secret% is to get the white room secret like shown in my yt video and the timer ends when the dog picture cames up the only problem with that category is that every run from this category needs to be retimed because the ms dont show up when the run ends

Śląskie, Poland

here the yt link:


Secret% might be added, as it could be an interesting category. Blindfolded might be difficult to moderate unless there is the addition of required view of the runner with a blindfold, but that may exclude runners who do not want to use a webcam / camera. However, it could be a fun side category so I may add it.

just added you on disc Boris :)

my blindfolded% is ready to submit!

Śląskie, Poland

oh and one more thing it would be nice if you added a closetless blindfolded, 100% blindfolded and secret blindfolded

United Kingdom

Can't wait to see if if get added I might give some a go

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There has been some demand for two new categories, Secret% where you activate the secret (now an image of a dog) and Blindfolded, where you play through any% normally however with a blindfold on. Secret has the same rules as any other category, and so does Blindfolded. There must be proof that you a

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