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I would like to both ask if it would be possible, and see if there would be any interest in categories for separate difficulties. With the current way things are set up, I could see most runs being done on beginner. I feel like there could be more strategy in running the harder difficulties. As of right now, the run i just submitted only includes me kicking over and over as the bots on easy do not block often. Theres no need for me to do combos in this case, as they would probably lose me time.

I know there are not a lot of people who run this game at the moment, but i feel like this idea is something to stew on. I personally do not know to much about the king of fighters series, so i may also just be wrong in my assumption. I thought I'd put the idea on the table though.

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Kojr-san, You have inspired me to finally make a video about this. 😊 For now I will give some insight here:

This game was poorly programmed which is why doing normal pokes over and over again work so well. The frames of the animation are cut so you basically have a punch that comes out faster than other king of fighters normal attacks. I do not know the exact frame data but attacks are plus on block OR on hit🤭 but quite a lot for many characters. 🤣I am laughing now thinking about it. 🤣

Also talking about the critical or counter hit damage normal attacks do in this game. 😯In that situation, Normals in this game do more damage than most supers when you compare the damage.🤣

My suggestion would be to do a run on the harder mode and see if things change. 😅If necessary, I usually think there should be only 3 settings for fighting games. Easy mode with fun whatever settings, Default Normal and do not touch any settings, and finally hardest difficulty without touching the other settings.

Having said that😅 it is still game based and I think in this case the outcome wont change, when I played around with higher difficulty it was the same run. 😕

On a side note; The other game you play Guilty gear advance is the same, the computer is famous for being 🤪stupid even on the hardest difficulty. There is no reason to have easy, hard, or hardest etc. 🤨 The exact opposite games like samurai showdown 2 neo geo arcade are very difficult runs especially on hardest, which is the default currently accepted.🤷♂️😂

I think overall you have to take each game case by case because not all fighting games were created equal. 😇If the speedrun changes drastically then it should be a separate category.

Thank you for ask a question like this. ☺️It helped me put thoughts into a better order. Glad to have more fighting game love on site.