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as mods, you should of warned me that it would be a annoying game and a game that will piss you off, i now have to resort using my back up keyboard because you guys didnt warn me and i broke my 150$ one. i expect a pm for a address with a replacement within 24hours or i will be coming for both you

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I'm sorry that happened, but we are just mods. Our abilities do not include replacing broken keyboards.


Don't blame the mods. many people have played this game and not broken their keyboards. it's your fault for playing this game without knowing how rage inducing it was and most importantly it was YOUR fault for breaking YOUR own keyboard. its in the name itself: "the impossible quiz" did you think it would be easy? if you did any research whatsoever into this game you could see it was rage inducing. Honestly the mods are good and do their best its atrocious and completely unfair that you would blame them for your inability to control yourself and break your own keyboard, YOU chose to do that, YOU chose to play the game and YOU chose to break your keyboard. I dont know how you can even place any blame whatsoever on the mods of the speedrun page. So fuck off.

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Seems like this was a successful troll

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The mods have nothing to do with this. There are no places to use your keyboard at all in this game, so I don't know how you even managed to break it. And don't say it's because you got angry that you lost and smashed your keyboard.

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