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Adobe said flash support would end in 2020, when this happens will this game just die? Is there a way to play this game without flash?


Damn yeah I think it will be dead rip. There might be a way to download it but idk.


I mean, there is no reason to believe that you couldn't just download the .swf and run it on a legacy browser. I've done that for The Impossible Quiz 2 before.


You will still be able to play Flash games after Flash dies. There's a program called Flashpoint by BlueMaxima that compiles loads of Flash games that you can play offline, including TIQ.

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I found HTML versions of the first 2 on
I also check BlueMaxima and it does have all the Impossible Quizzes.

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I've found the HTML versions are a lot slower than the flash versions.


I work at Poki so maybe I can give a little more info on this. We're working with Splapp-me-do on converting the quizzes to HTML. So no, do not worry, The Impossible Quiz won't die.

Right now we have converted:

- The Impossible Quiz
- The Impossible Quiz 2
- The Impossible Quizmas

But as theriverp noticed they were a bit laggy. So we're working hard on new versions that will be as fast as the Flash one.
In fact, we already released the improved fast version of The Impossible Quiz. And the other fast versions will be coming up soon.

I'd be curious to hear if it's as speedrunable as the original version. So yeah, if you attempt it, find bugs or have any questions/feedback on it, hit me up on Discord

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but Flashpoint is considered an emulator, which is banned


Then will we need a rule change? I feel like it would be a bit silly to not allow things like Flashpoint or other Flash players, as the HTML version patches a lot of bugs that are used in current runs that the dev doesn't plan to fix (e.g. right/left-clicking interactions with the cursor hitbox, the double-click to skip Q105, tabbing to instantly end the run, etc etc).

Even then the current flash emulators I find problematic as right-clicking and then left-clicking to get rid of the window only does that and does not input a right-click into the game, meaning that for things like Q56 where right-clicking is abused to see the cursor, we'll need to double click every button after the initial right-click which is not only time consuming but results in mouse instability (or at least it does for me, I could just be bad xd)

As of now the best option I've stumbled across is downloading an older build of Chromium (not Google Chrome) and praying that it will still support flash post-2020. I read online in various places that it should but don't quote me on that. But I'm sure we can find a way to keep the category alive (or as alive as it's ever been).

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There's also the Flash Projector, which is official from Adobe.


Sure but I feel like that would fall under the definition of an emulator.

In any case, I think that a redefinition (or at least a clearer definition) of emulator in this context needs to be made.


To me, Pepper Flash which is what Google Chrome uses by default instead of the classic NPAPI Flash Plugin has more reasons to be considered an emulator than Flash Projector.

Both Flash Projector and NPAPI Flash Plugin are based on the same original code by Adobe, Pepper Flash is a rewrite by Google.

I don't think the Flash Projector can be considered an emulator, since it runs the same code as the original platform. It's just a wrapper around that code, designed to work standalone instead of inside a browser.
I don't know what Flashpoint uses, but if it's similarly some sort of wrapper around the Flash Plugin (that's what I would expect), it's not an emulator.

P.S: I've never used the Flash Projector but I've been told it has keybindings to skip questions, which is a good reason to disallow it, even if it isn't an emulator.

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