Glitch run
7 years ago
Arizona, USA

So you know for runners that run this game. Glitch is when you drop a bomb into the water in stage 5 and dropping a bomb in stage 3 (blue cave) from the height (bomb falling down) that is not even near the safe. As you see it says "glitchless", that you should be placing bomb that is intended. Just like when you played this game when you're a kid. Even though some glitch can be going thru the gate without keys. Which was shown n TAS, which is impossible for human to do 30 pauses in 1 seconds

So TL:DR Dropping bomb from height as the bomb falling and dropping a bomb in water is considered a glitch to open the safe.

Tokyo, Japan

Sorry. I missed enter. It is not "glitchless". And correct "Glitch run". 登録先を間違えて申し訳ありませんでした。

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