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Hi Adam, yes the emulators are indeed authorised.
I’m using myself OpenEmu because I am playing on a MAC, but any GB emulator on Windows will do the job.
Except Bitzhawk.
Good luck !

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Wait, hold up. There are plenty of good and bad emulators. In general, please do not use VBA or VBA-M, they are not accurate for gameboy games. Bizhawk, Gambatte, and BGB are both cycle accurate, with Gambatte and BGB being the best choices.

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Like authorblues said, BGB is the most popular gb emulator right now, and people that speedrun games like Pokemon use it.

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Can we get proper emulation rules for once, its been over 2y since this was even discussed, mod haven't done anything to adress it.

Example of good rules

-If you play on the original Super Game Boy (SGB), please submit your run with a converted time:

-The authorized emulators are bgb, Gambatte, or Bizhawk (with the gambatte core).
-VBA, Retroarch, sameboy and other emulators are banned for its inaccurate timing.
-Emulator runs should be hard resetting inbetween runs, and not load a save state.
-Please state the name of the emulator used the the description.

-Youtube links are preferred over Twitch, as they're easier to download for retiming, and Twitch has a history of losing past broadcasts and highlights. Please export your highlight to Youtube if possible.

@FlashTheorieFlashTheorie im willing to help mod this game if its too much work to attend to it for you.


I currently do not have time to manage it, although there is no run.
I add you as a mod

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I have spoken at great length with various members of the GB community, in particular with @LegsLegs due to being responsible for

OpenEmu/SameBoy will effectively be banned from here on out as it is proven inaccurate. I will leave the current wr up for now, I do however encourage to comeback and beat the time with accepted hardware/software.

I'll keep this thread open to give the community a chance to adress it in the future, should it get relevant to revisit this topic.

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@xenkaroshixenkaroshi but we have also to keep in mind that the version @LegsLegs tested is now not the current one for OpenEmu anymore (maybe back than it was the current one). The one used in the website you linked above is (released 22 Jun 2019). Currently OpenEmu is on version 2.3.3 (released 9 Jan 2021), so we need new tests. There are changes made since version when the tests were made and we can't rely on outdated emulation tests...hopefully the new test results are all in the good/positive way for the macOS players/runners. 🙂


I'm currently discussing the whole emulator timing with @LegsLegs and am also testing all available emulators on macOS, including OpenEmu 2.3.3 (with Gambatte Core).
Hope to have some results soon, especially as there is not much of an option currently if someone wants to run on macOS.

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