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But it saves time? ALOT of time if you do it over the course of the run, you cant just decide not to allow something because it doesnt suit your playstyle? Thats not how it works at all.


there's runs almost dedicated to mashing a button the whole run, i don't see why it shouldn't be allowed.

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You guys do what you want then it doesnt matter im saying it ruins the run thats it

edit: Distortion and I did some testing and realized its not useful for the entire game only some parts where your character sprints slower where you tested mattmatt was a good spot to use it. Also if you need stamina for a long run or just a little bit more stamina to get to a door or something


Disregard this thread it really isnt as bad as I thought it would be also good puzzle skip find mattmatt

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Am i mising part of this post reading from MattMatt's post i'm confused. I'm confused what it is you guys are referring too


maybe stamina manipulation . I don't like that one either . but they also mentioned some ladders being skipped . i doubt it can be that bad to just fall down and not take the ladders ...