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regarding NG+ talk, i think NG+ items should be used no matter how OP, or how complained about they are, like trance stated in the discord "It's NG+ anything goes". and that's including what makes NG+, NG+.

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First of all why difficulty really matters is because more the difficulty is, more you need to make more damage and care more about your health, even in NG +, of we remove diffulcty categories this will be pointless since everyone will juste grind NG + Casual to be WR and the speedrun will be less interessting. Second I don't know much yet about this "Infinite ammo" but did you still need to reload or not ? If yes then I have no problem to accept to allow it but in the other case it will be very absurd that someone who activate it will grind the reload frame and grind some seconds against the one who didn't just because he rush left click like a retard without no reload? Lame . But for the rest I'm in your side except that we should told against the goldens rules of speedrunning: No cheat, No hacks, No home-made patches 🙂


For now I suggest to stay this point in Stand by and wait someone to run it with Infinite ammo activate.

For the arguments you said about Difficulties I'm not convinced yet since it's seems a very personnal opinion and not a gameplay argument yet.


There is no need to have overcomplicated leaderboards, to many categories = to much mess, its unnecessary to have categories for every difficulty, just keep it simple. You could get away with just Any% and Glitchless with new game and new game+ sub categories, but Trance seems set on running classic difficulty but i can understand why you would make seperate categories for classic mode, but for survival and nightmare? no, theres no need for them, either run it on the hardest difficulty or the easiest, theres no need for an inbetween, just makes ugly and messy leaderboards with categories that wont be ran and even if they were ran it would just be to get arbitrary World Records which are pointless.

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Yup Only Casual and Classic difficulty should be there

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Oh and also, glitchless should not be set as the default category in my opinion, Any% should be default like it is for any other game.

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I just want to check, I was told we can not have the Pre order DLC items for a speedrun. Is that still the same, or did that get changed?