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Hello Everyone , i would like request Opnions , and Comunity will decide it , recently categories Any% become default , but in my opnion categories with More runs should become default at this situation New Game Plus no Major Skips , but as Moderator My Opnion is

Originally posted by Klashik“You do not decide for the community, the community decides for you.”
Or alternatively:
“You are a representative of the community, not the ruler.”
• - When it comes to making key decisions about how the leaderboard is run, you need to consult with the community. Should a big game breaking glitch be allowed in the any% category, or should it have its own category? Should we switch to real time instead of using in-game time? Should we start enforcing load removal? These aren’t your decisions to make. Of course, you can take part in these discussions but you need to keep your ears open to other ideas and (this is important) be willing to accept decisions that you don’t agree with when it’s clear you aren’t part of the majority.
.i would like Hear The Evil Within 2 runners opnions , Which category must be Default, No Major Glitches "Glitchless" Category or any% "Glitched ?

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NG+ NMS was decided to be the default when this game was relatively active because it had more runners. I was a mod at the time and I wanted New Game to be default but NG+ NMS was more popular so that's what we went with. There is no reason to change it, so it should be changed back.

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This Thread will continue Open until 1st September , acording comunity decision Leadboard or if will be reverted at 2 September for No Major Skips as Main Category Like was before or then if comunity Decide Keep Any% as Main Category no Changes will made , i'll make another post also saying Votes and comunity decision .Until 1 September you still can give your vote.



Hey, so I guess I think New Game would be the default choice also and seeing as the game doesn't have a catagory that is dominating right now I would still think New Game would be, however I respect the idea that NG+ would be default and I wouldn't find it wrong if this was chosen.


Well The Question Continue . Stevie your vote on No Major Skips "Glitchess" or any% "Glitched" for Default as Main Category Like was before ?


i Guess is not necessary continue because leadboard has been reverted also until Now all Votes agreed No major skips for default.Any Feedback or Sugestion will be apreciated and Thank you so much