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Hello guys. Why 1 place have IGT Time - 2:02 ? He has in game on finish - 2:06:55 IGT. So second guy must have The World Record. Because he has IGT time - 2:05:21.


The only time displayed as IGT in the video is the one timed by the game (and it isn't accurate at all), the real IGT of the run is 2:02 timed by Load Removal.
Overall I made a mistake showing the wrong time in my Live Split, sorry about that mb.


If we are playing on console, and the IGT by the game is incorrect, what is the best way for us to time our games to get the correct time?


So I'm not sure about how to do that accurately on console, but I can only guess that as consoles has their own categories I think the time should be okey to be timed with the IGT showed in the game as all ps4 (ps4 pro is faster) or xboxone should be equally faster loading screens and stuff.
But a moderator should be the one to answer this.


I think console should to be real time and i beat the game in 5 hours as a normal playthrough for research purposes for my run and it says 13 hours in game time