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can't do a proper speedrun anymore because the game crashes every time around that portion . when entering the theatre or maybe a bit later , doesn't matter , it's like clockwork ...

i deleted the game and installed it again but yet , it is the same thing 🙄

does someone have any better advises ? i hate it because i was gaining few minutes on my run and then , boom , every time . one hour of gameplay down the drain .


It could be due to the fact your PC isnt that great, which can in turn result in crashes, the fact that its in the same spot is weird tho, are you playing on the latest patch? If you are i would recommened replacing the games exe with the one i provided in the resources section on here, that will downpatch your game to 1.02, if it still crashes then then i have no idea.


Nothing to do with the pc my xbox has crashed once per run when i get into the theatre just after opening the doors to it but i think we should be allowed to continue with the run as we time in game time not real time.


i lowered the resolution the OBS records at and it helped . yes , looks like it was due do poor pc but , there were weird crashes before too and that whole chapter was always the biggest candidate for a crash ...