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Hey Everyone, I'm new to the whole Speed Running thing. I intend to run the game without glitches and skips, and I was wondering if there are any tips and tricks you guys may have that'll help my runs. And what all needs to be obtained to qualify as a 100% run? Also, does the run only count without the Last Chance pack? Lastly, is it split based on the console you are playing on? (Example PC has a bracket, PS4/Xbox has a different bracket) Thanks for the info!


welcome . this game is really speedrun friendly . i started with DLC , the Executioner where i hold the world record currently. evil within is great . quite easy to master and remember . before going into serious runs . play the game yourself few times to get familiar . then watch every run . i am 5th i think currently and posted my run too . evert speedruner here has dome different tricks how he/she handles few areas and you will have to come up with your own stuff as well or accept one of already established tactics .

make sure you know which path to take as this still makes troubles for me sometimes . i put marker on map sometimes loo , and that takes away your time ...

practice makes perfect !

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Yeah, I got the first half of the game down fairly well. Once I get into Theodore's section is where I may need a bit more practice. I own it on PS4 which I know isn't the best to speed run games on, but it's what I got.

My fastest run on Nightmare NG+ was 8 hours, however I had to finish getting all my trophies and stuff. I could probably knock that down to about 3/4 ish. How do I go about loading my times and stuff? Or could I get a link to the proper place I need to go for rules?


i am new here too so , not sure if there are some resources . but check the game board then the general one . at least some experienced members will help set you up


Hey guys i'm new aswell and don't want to make a new thread just for that question but , can you submit speedrun without timer ? I don't have any recording device , so i'm planning to use my PS4 to stream to youtube then save the gameplay. So i won't be able to add a timer i guess ?


You don't need a timer, no. just post the final time at the end 🙂

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New here and want to run it, but there's no guides for the OOBs/glitches or tricks. Can someone create a guide for them and general strats? I'd be doing Console.


@Slevanas , Welcome i am Late OpieOP You Can See @Mattmatt10111 Guide about Glitches Here , and only will work with Disc Version for Console , Patch 1.0 Can Make The game crash sometimes ,i Suppose at 1.05 Glitches already been Fixed