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Hello Good Day /Afternoon / Night
My Name is Anderson , i am starting on The Evil Within Speedruning , and i Really enjoyed , currently i am runing The Evil Within 2 and Resident Evil 0 , always if you need help , if you have sugestions stay free for ask . all sugestions and Improvements are welcome , for start i put ps4 pro and xbox one x as plataform more because update 1.02 unlocked Framerate and this can be unfair with people using PS4 or Xbox One standart because They are 30 fps with Framedrops at Cutscenes, You Can Watch differences Between consoles in This video: , Runner Please Keep you Video intact if you wish Keep your PB / WR at leadboard , Runs With Video Deleted / Removed Will be Rejected ,Please Runner read The Rules First Before Submit run ,Now have Guide for Use Load Remover if You is PC Runner, All Current Rules for PC Will Continue Same, Also If you Run Using Load Remover your time Considered will be From Livesplit , if you don't want use Load remover Your time Considered will be IGT With Loads Showed on Game Same Console rules ,if you Have Feedback Stay Free for ask , you Can Send me DM on Discord #4013 , Psn xAnd3rson19x or in The Evil Witin Discord , My Twitter or here When i read Your Message i'll Reply so soon as Possible,i Would like hear comunity Voice

Edit:Runers Please Keep Game Music audible or contrary you run can be rejected



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