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+1 for not considering stamina manipulation as glitch, period. For christ sake, i done it unintentionally many, many times.and didn't even consider it as a glitch.

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I haven't made the rules. They were just thoughts. I'm not in this for myself since ladder skips was snooze's suggestion. We haven't even decided as a community if we are going to use load remover or not


Okey I see, so what we are saying is being taking into account when you decide to pull the rules all together after reading all our feed and suggestions posted here, right?


I don't own this game currently, the ladder skip sounded like a glitch by the way you and many other people worded it when you fell down the ladder in your glitchless run you said "skip though" a skip is what you call skipping something you'd have to do otherwise, if you can literally just run down the ladder, remove that rule instantly please.

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Why would you not use the load remover, its the most fair way to time the run, timer doesnt reset upon loading a save, timer pauses during loads in cutscenes meaning if one person gets a slower load than the other they will still be able to skip the cutscene at the same time.

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Trance, you keep telling the COMMUNITY can decide the rules, like 5 people agreed with removing stamina manipulating as being considered a glitch for the glitchless categories, but you still keep telling us that we should really get serious now. Excuses, excuses, excuses, and I'm quite done with it.

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I agree the stamina stuff shouldn't be a rule because what I read was I quote "So applying this logic to the stamina manipulation, it was probably intended by the developers that when you aim, you move forward slightly, but it was not intended for the player to be able to move faster than the speed cap" You only move faster in some areas example the marrow, outside portions such as running to hotel does not make you faster it only helps save stamina. You actually never exceed the speed cap of the game by doing this glitch. You will see the speed cap while moving around outside. Inside slows you down for whatever reason but you never exceed the actual cap of the game that is why I personally do not consider it a glitch just an abused mechanic


Hi all, my perception is that a few of the users posting in this thread are just posting to stir up controversy. It's difficult to gather a consensus on category sorting in this thread when a few users are seemingly just starting shit on a whim. The consensus is not defined by how many of your friends you can get to post here.

Site staff generally doesn't want to moderate Twitch streams, but when it's devolving into slurs about mods and directly leading to forum mobbing, site staff gets stuck dealing with it. It's especially a problem when users who moderate other boards on the site are creating conflict in this manner.

Either site staff can deal with this or you guys can cut the shit.

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With all due respect, kirkq. Indeed, me and most of the discussors here were dragged here by a streamer, but in my opinion that doesn't mean we can't give our opinion on this.

I have seen more communities go through stuff like this, myself including discussing about rules and stuff. I don't want to contradict myself by telling you and everyone that this is a very serious subject, I've indeed made a repectless joke.

Considering all the things that happened here, everyone can still have their opinion. The streamer wasn't giving me dialogues to put on the forum, those things came from my own rational perspective on how to change this specific speedgame site.

I truly believe uhTrance can be a good moderator, but I also believe he should discuss the rules with his community and actually listen to them. I am also sure that people who put a lot of efford into this game by for example finding a lot of strats and routes should have a bigger share in discussing what will happen with this site.

Can't talk for the others but I am sure everyone here has enough common sense to form their own opinion.

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I'm new to the speedrun community, I picked this game to learn it because I loved every second of it the moment I got my hands on it. Sure I don't have as much experience as you guys but I feel like I wanted to give my honest opinion and not be ignored just because not having speedrunned any other game before.

So just to clarify, I'm nobody's friends over here, just because a few of us think the same way about what the rules should be that doesn't mean we are being irrational and just wanted to create conflict.

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Things like aiming shouldn't be "glitches" Because that is something done all the time in the game. So enforcing it would be weird. It's like you aimed too often while running so this run doesn't count. What if they only spam aim when there are enemies around. If they do it more than someone else they save time but aren't "spamming it for speed increase all the time." Again just an example of how it would be hard to enforce.

Ladder skips are hit or miss with me. I thought it was intentional in the game when i was first doing it, but hard to say if it isn't. Don't really care either way about that one.

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