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I think the best definition of this is to play the game the way it was intended. So we are going to go with

-No gunpowder infinite ammo
-No Stamina manipulation
-No flings
-No OoB
-No Clipping
-No resets that de-spawn enemies
-No ladder skips

Anything that I have forgotten, please feel free to add. Thoughts?


No Ladder Skips should be one, since you're going by the devs intent


running about a hole until you skip an event you are required to do otherwise, is a glitch.

And stamina manipulation shouldn't be there, by aiming you're pushing yourself forward a bit, which the devs intended since they intended you to aim, you're still running out of stamina.


ignoring rules means your runs will be denied, it does not solve anything.


Or maybe because he had a life and is not 24h/24h front of his computer ? Just wait and chill buddy


The rules are not stupid : They're simple to understand and logic not like all the other runs who're rules are so complicated that you just give up on the runs "You can do that but you can't do that". No f¤ck off man this ruleset are simple to play and understood.


So, infinite ammo is considere a glitch in NG+? Imo that doesn't make any sense.


there's a glitch to have infinite ammo with infinite gunpowder

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  wolfhunterwolfhunter losing hope in humanity reading this forum, "why in hell would infinite ammo not be allowed in ng+?" trance went over this in the discord about this. if there is a huge problem in the rules then make a statement why it should be changed, not because the mod is a dick. im sure that their is more glitches to be found ATM and im sure the rules are not going to stay this way as we keep finding stuff. yes i do believe the stamina thing is a little bit ridiculous because you can easily do it by not even thinking about it, but other then that i think the rules are fair


infinite ammo is not a glitch, NO ONE SAID THAT


any%= beat the game in the fastest way possible
glitchless= beat the game with a set of rules

if anybody is getting mad because of the rules for glitchless, then any% would be the best way to the run the game then


God bless you Wolfhunter and like said SnoozeYouzLose INFINITE AMMO IN NG+ IS NOT A GLITCH GODDAMNIT NOONE SAID THAT !! To have infinite powder THAT'S THE GLITCH !!


To have infinite gunpowder is not a glitch, to do that you change the values in cheat engine, thats not a glitch, thats literal cheating/hacking so i dont even know why that was bought up as a rule when its pretty obvious your not supposed to do that.

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Can someone clarify "stamina manipulation", "resets that de-spawn enemies", and "ladder skips"?


Stamina manipulation - Aiming every second so that you can recover more stamina and run faster than the developers of the game intend you to run
Resets that de-spawn enemies on chapter 4, you can load an autosave on certain difficulties and despawn 3-4 enemies and makes a fight a lot easier
Ladder Skips - running next to a ladder and falling down it instead of climbing down it


Aiming with less than full stamina is a glitch? Does dying at that section in Chapter 4 reset the enemy spawns?

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ufotekkie it's not really a glitch but it's a anormal mechanic that you can exploit against the original gameplay of this game, a normal mechanic that you can use for exemple it's instead of walking during scene in NG+, you can just crawl to get faster. The goal of the Glitchess run is to make sure that you finish the game the faster as possible with using the normal gameplay of this game.

About dying in Chapter 4 I don't think it will be faster to die, restart the save and continue, just make some headshot and runnign around will be faster