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ok , so my latest and probably the final casual glitchless any % run is 2:08:20 and without stamina manipulation I doubt I can ever get close to second place of like 2:02:00 .

so , what new and fun ways to occupy ? thought that it could be official or at least for the kicks , that we do the run with a pistol only throughout the whole game ! only time you would to use the bow is to open the doors to garage to marrow !

what you think ? would surely require a completely new strategies which I would enjoy to watch as we come up with them ...

P.S : so it's agreed stamina manipulation is considered glitchless ?


There is nothing to stop you from running pistol only, but it will not be tracked on these boards

Stamina manipulation is glitchless


aha . I tried it . it's a lot of fun . for the most part different but stefano and myra are the biggest changes ... definitely worth it . you also can have luck or not . there is maybe more aiming needed . but time on the end , IGT was surprisingly similar to regular runs , I guess I did have more of a luck than bad luck on the practice run .

too bad it won't become an official thing . but hopefully someone gives a crack at it just for the kicks ...