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What's up with all the place holders in the full game rules categories? What is requirement for any% of the game? Just completing the capitol building stronghold? Or completing all strongholds on WT4? Or WT5? Or completing all missions?


Have forgot to update them, will fix it now.

For a full run its from the second you got control off your character till you finish the capitol stronghold.

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How come world tier is not part of the rule set? Someone with 500 gear score can cheese these missions, or is that just part of the deal?


To be as effective as possible when it comes to speedruns, there's always a cheese way, taking the time to grab loot from the chest being one of 'em


Gonna doublecheck some triggers within the progress of any% solo/group today.


So after some testing, the rules has been updated.

Got any thoughts, negative or positive, i'm up for discussion either here on the forums or private on discord.


Hi I'm considering doing a full game solo speedrun for charity, I would just like to verify that the time would Finnish when Capital building stronghold is completed? As the rules are still showing time finnish on any stronghold