All Games Any%
1 year ago
Florida, USA

Can we get an all games any% and 100% category? I'd like to submit this entire collection as a single marathon run for a few speedrun events.

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Pomorskie, Poland

I'm all for All games but others will express their opinion but I'm not 100% for it given that there's nothing to come up with for it besides the games from the NES version don't have it on the leaderboards

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Florida, USA

I think given that this is its packaged version of the games, it functions more like a standalone version anyway. But the main benefit really would be being able to submit the times for the whole pack including menuing and whatnot. At ~1 hour give or take, it also makes for a great headliner event for marathons by having it that way and being able to let organizers see the competition and ruleset for it.


Submit run and i create category. And this good idea i think.

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