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Georgia, USA

I think that this game could use some more categories to make it more lively. Firstly, there could be a 50 Emblem category. 2 players would need to be allowed for the 5 multiplayer Emblems, as the one where you need to break 5 shields is pretty much impossible against CPUs. The 3DS version would have to be seperate as it allows up to 4 players. Also, 3DS has 20 more Emblems exclusive to multiplayer, so it would need 70 Emblem if people ran it. Second, there could be an all S rank category. Finally, there could also be a category where you try to beat a CPU as fast as possible in Brawl mode. (That last one may just immediately get fully optimized.) There could probably be more beyond this, but this is about all that I've come up with so far. If you don't want to add any more categories, then that's O.K. It's probably time consuming enough to moderate what's currently there.

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Washington, USA

My policy for categories is, within reason: start doing runs of the category first, then let’s make the category second. The categories on should be descriptive, not prescriptive.

Georgia, USA

O.K., that's actually a logical way of doing it.

Georgia, USA

What do I do when I have a run? The categories don't exist, so I just need to know what to do once I have runs of each category idea. (I currently have a recording of a completed 50 Emblem run.)

Washington, USA

Message me on any platform with proof and I’ll add it.

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