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I also never understood the mentality that if you don't have a traditional job and/or are homeless that every freaking minute and second of your life HAS to be spent looking for a job. There comes a point where you can't apply for anymore jobs because you already applied for all the ones you are qualified for and there's a point where managers don't want you bugging them when they are trying to close the store.

Obsessing over one thing is not good for balance in life and if you deny yourself pleasures as a self-loathing punishment because society doesn't think you are where you should be in life and therefore you must deny yourself of your personality until things are "okay" again then you will find yourself in a continuous loop of never being happy because you made a decision not to allow yourself to be.

I know people like to throw jobless male gamers jabs out there but society also likes to group people in lump sums so who you are as a person automatically changes as far as perceptions go. Even if you only spend two minutes playing Tetris while drinking coffee in the morning and then start your day looking for employment those two minutes now have you labeled as a male-idiot who spends hours a day playing video games and not getting anything done. People just have no perception of true reality. They just fill in the gaps with make believe and don't think logically about the situation and throw random people under the bus because they can't carry a thought all the way through. However, since perception is 90% of people's reality they never challenge themselves with that 10% of truth that actually adds up to a lot more.

Now, if I watched TV and movies all day for some reason that is totally okay. I don't watch TV or movies. I don't even own a TV and haven't had one in large part for nearly 15 years. However, since my personal activities aren't socially acceptable that means my entire existence isn't allowed during unemployement.

Well, I don't need to find a job because I'm confident I can create one for myself. I'm spending about 12-16 hours a day working on websites, photos, proposals, graphics, sandwich boards and marketing material. However, starting my own business is also not socially acceptable either because I should always be under someone else like a good little escape goat. I know society likes to blame the impoverished for the government's decrepit debts but the fact of the matter is that these systems punish you for being independent.

I got charged $350 for rent in September plus a $300 penalty for not moving into another government subsidized apartment when I moved out and also for not moving out on one of the 12 approved days of the year AND they rented out my apartment within days of me moving out so rent was essentially collected 3x times for one apartment in one month. I'm not just getting off government assistance, I'm escaping it because it's more of a burden than a help. The idea is that I'm supposed to give up and not move and stay in the system so the apartment can profit off of me but instead that told me I needed to evacuate and get the hell out of these systems because they destroy people. They get stuck there and can't escape. Not because they don't want to (generally) but because there are hidden penalties with delightful sounding names like "fair market value, gross wages" and the like.

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I wasn't aware you were planning on starting a business around the gameboy and the website you're building. Good luck with your endeavors, but... I know it sounds harsh, but don't expect it to work out just by putting in the effort... please do at least take advantage of your web development skills so you can bring in a (somewhat) stable income throughout all this.

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All good points that I accept but that's why the local business build up is important. I'm not really expecting a traffic surge until April anyways when the 30th Anniversary rolls around and I'm putting my money on the Classic Game Boy Mini being released on it's birthday with an announcement in January. Purely conjecture though. With that said, Hyperkin has been holding back for a long time on their GB Ultra and I almost think they are waiting for the 30th Anniversary also to fill in the gap Nintendo will surely leave behind because they don't believe in making sufficient quantities of some of their product lines. Even without that, I also know tech media outlets will say something even if Nintendo doesn't. This is the time to be in the game. If I'm not out by April it will be hopeless. I've also had a lot of success with driving traffic to websites in the past. I'm not even going to advertise to hardcore gamers. They can find me on their own if they want to do so. I'm after a different audience.