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Three questions.

1. Who's Going?
2. Should we bother to try to submit a run or race for it?
3. If so. 100 Lines(Any% or Lvl0 start) or 300k?


1. Someone who plays on original hardware, and is REALLY good at the game. Watching Tetris at GDQ is only good because of the insanely high level.
2. Probably not, Tetris GB will be too boring for most people- that's why TGM is a favorite at GDQ, it looks good, plays insanely fast, and is much more competitive. Plus more people play it has a higher level.


You're likely correct. After talking to some other runners on Twitter, I've decided to give it a shot for a 100 Line Race anyway. The worst case is they reject it.

(Btw, we did decide that filmed footage of gameboy etc can be used, as long of the screen is clearly displayed during it.)