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I've added the ability to select the regular Super Gameboy (SGB). Submitters and Approvers will probably use: http:/​/​nudua.​com/​convert to convert your run from SGB to a valid time.

I think the look and feel of the original Super Gameboy is kinda neat; and already obnoxiously difficult to play on; so there's no reason to exclude the platform entirely.

Tech Specs and Procedures:
61.17 fps SGB
59.72750056960583 fps GB / SGB2 / GB Player
If you divide these numbers you get 1.02415. You can increase your run by that factor (2.415%) to get a converted time.
The longest time in Game Boy Tetris is under an hour (or 3600 seconds, so I recommend following this procedure:
1) Convert your SGB Time to FRAMES or SECONDS
2) Multiply that number by 1.02415
3) Convert that resultant into the time format on the leaderboard, whether it be to the second or millisecond [Future Proof]

Again, it's easier to plug your time into: http:/​/​nudua.​com/​convert - and this is what verifiers will be doing.

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Yep, this is in line with how most GB communities handle SGB submissions. Good addition!

(Speaking of obscure platforms: until the end of 2014, it was possible to legally get Tetris for the 3DS virtual console. It has since been removed by Nintendo due to licensing issues, but in the event that someone acquired it back then or got it working via rom injection and wants to do runs on it, I want to point out that such runs should be retimed in a similar fashion as described above - with its respective coefficient. The timing was done by myself and I have asked Nudua to add a preset
for the platform to the conversion webapp mentioned above.
Since the 3DSVC - like every other Nintendo VC except the GBA VC for 3DS¹ - is an emulation software, and an inaccurate one at that, I won't recommend adding it as a platform for speedruns, but still want to present the possibilty to do so using a time conversion. If at all, virtual console runs should be the only exception to submissions on inaccurate emulators. The conversion factor is an approximation based on pure framerate comparisons and does not account for possible differences from loading times and lag emulation.
Again, I don't recommend this, but still wanted to provide a suggestion for how to approach this platform that is consistent with how other communities handle it. So, should it ever be brought up, you can refer to this.

Edit: forgot that it had in fact been brought up already: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​tetrisgb/​thread/​ru7qh

¹ https:/​/​en.​wikipedia.​org/​wiki/​Game_Boy_Advance#Virtual_Console )

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and that's great, I like to play these games

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