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does anybody got an idea for a new category if so post it here 🙂


race to level 30?

for the insane, race to 999999 or maxout%


lol I was thinking about VS mode speedrun like win the IAS or something


I might do what you say


like level 9 speedrun or something


Maxout% is a good idea.


this is so old LUL I might still do a maxout% run if anybody has a run just please put it here

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Maybe 100 lines, 100 lines (level 0 start), and 300k points like the NES and GB versions of Tetris? I already run those games, but I'd like to run this one as well since the DAS counter resets at a much faster rate.

Also a category to defeat the VS. CPUs in the fastest time would be cool (easy, normal, and hard categories).


@ZS45ZS45 I know it's been two more years but if you're still up for it I'll race you (or whoever is interested). I haven't touched my GBC in years but being stuck at home rn made me pick up Tetris again. Did a 999999/maxout% yesterday just to see if I still have it in me. Took me like approx 1:45. As of rn I don't have a setup to properly time it. I never did it time based in the past. Always line based (which I'd still prefer as a way to score it). And if I remeber correctly my pb is around 500 lines faster so there should be a lot of room for improvement. Possibly even more. Anyways here's a link to the screenshot I took last night. https://ibb.co/7XKPkYd Hit me up if you're looking for friendly competition.


Hello everyone!
In 40 line mode, the height plays a very important role. And its meaning completely breaks the perception of the leaderboard.
IMHO, need to separate 40 lines 0 height and 40 lines 5 height.

(edited: )

thanks for the suggestion. i'm not sure if i'm perfectly on board however.

consider that the top 10ish runs range from height 3 to height 5, where do those runs that aren't 5 height end up? that includes the wr and the majority of the current top 10 runs btw.

how about the level, which is also an important factor. do you want a level 0, height 0 category and a free category? or if you want to have the level set to some value that you consider reasonable, then what about those who don't have the skill to feel comfortable with that?

as it stands now, i think the leaderboard challenges the players to use the highest settings that they can handle. if they end up with a worse time as a result, they can tune it to be a bit lower (which is already the case with the top runs).

what i can do is set up some custom variables to display which level and height a run was performed on. then you and others who are curious, filter the leaderboard to show who's best on specific conditions.

edit: i've added in the variables on the submitted runs where i could see them.

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In my experience, speed in 40 lines mode doesn't matter.

I think like this:
40 lines height 0
40 lines height 5
40 lines other

But, you can leave it as it is. The ability to filter the height is very helpful in estimating the playing time.


i get the idea, but as you might be able to tell, i'm not a huge fan of fragmenting the leaderboard. the fact that the top times don't use height 5 makes that a pretty weird hypothetical category.
a potential issue with a strict height 0 category is that it can be pretty easily circumvented by building up a tree like people do in nes tetris, then it's essentially a height x run with a few seconds spent on building the "floor".


I agree that a fragmenting the leaderboard not needed.

Building a "tree" is skill and time. And all initially have the same conditions, as in NES ver. And it's not as easy as it seems.

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