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Can you add tetris99 (Nintendo Switch) to the tetris series? With the new DLC we have a ingame timer for 150 and 999 lines, we also can speedrun the known 40lines-challange on tetris99.

Would be cool

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Yes, though this may seem repetitive, but to reinstate the viabilities of this, the CPU Runs have levels and randomized differences while in difficulties
This also includes a point made that Tetris 99 has limited variety whereas now with cpu, this brings a change to what an any% run would look like. Starting chevrons change the game aswell.

Doremy Displays some of these in this video here,

We also have the marathon runs that have different line counts. These also give ingame and easily made timetables. This also goes along with the fact many runs are already being made on this

Here’s and example here of a 999 line run

This also means that there is more than one way to complete the game and there is different full level games and strats.

Along with all of this, we know the game will have more being added to it so in the end, many more play styles and maps will be made allowing for more runs to be had in the game.
Knowing this, I ask one of you, the moderators, I’d like to request this to be made aswell.

Thanks again,


I would also like to have Tetris 99 as a game for the Tetris series.
Zoe's statement explains all of it in good detail.

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The Tetris 99 game for the Nintendo Switch is now available with all the modes the game throws at us. URL: speedrun.com/tetris99

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