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Hello, everyone. I am ChocolateTheGaming and I created this speed run game of Temple Run 2 and I would like to ask you all if you have any new category suggestions?

In the beginning, I want to set up distance, coins, and highscores category but the numbers are too huge to input in the (hours, minutes, seconds). So any advices?


You could probably have something set like, milestones for coins, milestones for points and have those as the categories. Then just use the RTA timing method to see how long you get there. Like 100,000,000 Points (Category) in 14 Minutes, 34 Seconds 523MS. Just a suggestion 😃

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Also, just a personal preference, but if you make Distance, Coins, and Score main categories and just have; 10,000 m, 100,000 m and 1,000,000 m (same with coins and score) sub categories the overall look will be much cleaner.

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@eb0nyzero thank you for the advices. In addition, you can also try Temple Run 1, you can search it on the speed run site.


I saw it and considered it, just a totally different game mechanically wise.
But definitely something I'm going to do in the near future.


I know this is a pretty old thread, and I posted on the first Temple Run forum before seeing this, but what about a category for unlocking all powerups? I think that would make more sense and be more fun. You could also have categories for all unlockables and all objectives, though that would be much easier in the first game. I, personally, would love to do runs like these, especially in the first Temple Run.


I think there should be a longest run category, like high score of a single run, with and without "save me"


My suggestion for categories would be 10 million points, 50 million points, 10,000 coins, and 50,000 coins.


Hi all, thanks for your remarks and suggestions.
Also, please stop necroing this 3-year old thread 🙂

I discussed some of these ideas with others, but as I am the only active mod for now, here is my opinion on the whole issue.

- There will not be a "longest run" category (where we would convert times to a score), that is against speedrun.com's main concept of tracking fastest times, not high scores. I am aware there are a few exceptions on the site but the general stand on this is pretty clear.
- For other categories like 10m points, 50m points, 10k coins or 50k coins I don't really see the point, as the speedrun and strategies will be pretty much exactly the same as with the existing category, just the length will be a little different. What is the point of having such categories? It's not that this would add additional parts of the game to be unlocked or allow for a different gameplay.
- Obtaining all unlockables as suggested by @KeithHoodKeithHood actually is a completely separate idea and would allow for a really different category, with some strategy and a bit of luck behind it. If somebody wants to start running this, please go ahead! A category will be created if a first run is available.


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