The categories of this game is kind of weird, maybe it's time we fix it? If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain:

First category, "Hard Mode", is just that. Hard mode what, exactly? Any% / Low% / 100%? Not that I'm sure what 100% and Low% would be in this game even, grab all pizzas vs grabbing none? But you get my point.
Then we have "Co-op Any%". Okay, the speedrun category is pretty clear here, but can this be any difficulty now?
Then, finally, there's "Normal Mode", which follows the same problem as the first one, in that it has no speedrun category tag to it. However, this one is under "Miscellaneous", even though people submitted runs to it. Why hide this category, and make their runs harder to find?

So, what I would propose is we sort the categories like this:

Any% Hard
Any% Co-op Normal
Any% Normal
(then, as the rest has no runs yet, we add these into "miscellaneous")
Any% Easy
Any% Co-op Hard
Any% Co-op Easy

This would sort the categories in order kind of like how it is now, with the most activity first, leaning down to least activity. (I know Co-op has more activity than Hard as far as amount of runs is concerned, but I think we can all agree that more dedication and work has been put down in the regular Hard.)
Having some empty categories could be nice too, because people could see that and want to add runs to it (granted, they would be under misc, at least under the time being).

Maybe also, if people are totally against either the 1P2C thing, or the wrong warp in particular (as opposed to not having the time or desire to learn it), we could possibly add separate categories for that too.

Finally, only thing I could see us improve is the "rules" part, there is only rules for Hard Mode and all it says is "Complete the game on Hard Mode". We could include when you're supposed to start and end the timer (I know some co-op runners don't start and stop at exactly the right moments, but it's whatever). If anyone reads the rules part, that is.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.


Okay, so after a few weeks of no replies I figured maybe I should go ahead and make the changes.

They're now done!

If you dislike any change on the leaderboard, let me know!

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Hello, I have one more question as to the rules, it always mention either to have control of Raphael or lose control of Raphael... I don't run the game but I like the Turtles a lot so I might do some casual attempts, not going to invest time to really try extremely competitive times... however, I would like to run as Leonardo (even if it is slower) again, just for fun, would that be ok to submit a run a Leonardo?



While I don't run the game, I'm sure it's fine. It's probably just phrased like that because Raphael is the most common choice for his superior stats. There's really nothing stopping you from submitting a time with another turtle, I'd say.


Absolutely! Run the game with any turtle you want. Once you submit the run I'll go ahead and make the leaderboard for it, unless anyone thinks it should be handled differently. Just submit it as Any% with the appropriate difficulty, and I'll move it to a new Leo leaderboard. Once one run has been submitted, you'll be able to select the Leo category.

Just for consistency sake, I think it makes the most sense to include Easy/Normal/Hard for Any% Leonardo, as excessive as it might feel. What we can do is have the the difficulty that the run has becomes the primary difficulty, and the other difficulties become misc. leaderboards until they have any runs submitted to them.

Have fun!


New to speed running the game and have no capture device atm, but will submit runs soon. Just an inquiry, but maybe a category "warpless" or "all bosses"? Would like to run while actually finishing technodrome. just a thought.


I've been away from TMNT4 speedruns for more than a year now and I've never been one of the most active players here, but after reading Space_Jam's comment, i'd like also to lobby for a no WW category, if the community agrees on it.
My only TMNT4 run so far (I really want to get back at it in the near future) was on emulator due to lack of "affordable" capture cards in my country (I even own the SNES and the game), and I never felt too comfortable doing the 1P2C stuff on emu because I always thought that this sort of stuff on emulator could be very prone to "shenanigans", let's say. Probably I'm too paranoid, but at least that's what I thought at the time. Running the game without the WW also made me love technodrome, and seeing the skill level of this community in general, I'd love to see the level being optimized again and back in runs in some way.
As I said, I'm more of a lurker than an active member here, just wanted to seize the opportunity to endorse technodrome back into the fold hehe


For those interested in really making a strong push for a future no WW category we would need an even more active community to maintain categories outside of 1P2C and Co-op (easy/normal/hard). Join the TMNT IV Discord as discussions on all of these things are a constant and it will help us grow the community even further!