IL Level catergories?
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I want to speedrun this game but jumping it and the deep end and committing to a protentional hour+ run is not really something I want to so, can we get IL level categories of the tracks so we can all race each other?


I don't think IL boards for this game would be that good of an addition. The problem being, that the times would most likely be timed using IGT, and the game only times full seconds. Any effort put into the IL runs would just make tied WRs in most of the tracks, as the there is no items in time trials, and the tracks are short and really easy.

I'm probably gonna shoot myself in the leg with this, but i'm not a mod though, so what can i say :D


Oh i see we got IL categories now. Just asking, could we get them renamed? :P

Original names for the tracks: 1 - Animalville 2 - Lakeland 3 - Hills 4 - Coastland 5 - Highland

Well, at least that's how they are referred to in steam

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Where in steam do you see those names? I couldn't find them in game or in the files so we went with a description of the picture.


The profile background artwork pieces (like the background on this page) are named after the tracks. The songs from the game are also named "trackname day/night"

I don't speak polish so i can't confrim 100% the songnames match the artwork names, but i'd assume the artwork was named by the devs

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Still nothing on this case hmmm?

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sorry just saw this and it is now fixed

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