I found an oob glitch on Insurgent Stronghold and it is very easily repeatable in multiple places (hopefully on other missions as well) but I can't seem to find a use for it. Without it I'm on track to running the Any% run in 1:25:00 but it would be great to use some of this games glitches!

Does anyone want to help me find a use for this (someone made a video of the exact glitch I found):

It can be done on any place in the map with railings like that (I found several) but with the way the game loads things I haven't yet found a good use.

Does anyone also know of any other different glitches?

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i don't think it's can be usefull maybe if we can try to found spot somewhere with fence


I think if you and me wrestle for that WR spot in Any% for a bit longer we will cap the time at around 1:20:00 without breaking the game on a perfect run. If you add my fastest splits with yours and the one from the ghost% run it is like a 1:21:00. Once we get there maybe we should focus on breaking the game. Also what do you record with? I've been using xsplit but it makes my load times like 15 seconds longer each.

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Obs is better in my opinion max 6 sec loading i think i add you too on uplay btw i think

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OBS can be a pain to set up, but once you got that sweet spot it becomes so much more friendly to your PC!


For anyone still here I started playing with this again and it absolutely works...sorta. So I managed to get out of bounds which is the really easy part and there are several spots to do it. I also managed to follow a route that skips an entire section and enemies and loads in the next section in front of you. This is good and bad. It is good because it shows us that the loading isn't dependent on cut scenes or very specific points. It just loads if you are at the write area sometimes so skips are possible. The bad part is that the setup and route to do this skip is quite a bit slower than just running the route normally.


Alright so I just made the glitch viable skipping half of the level on Abandoned Mill. It will be visible to see on my next run of the game. I am now hunting of where to make it possible for other levels.

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