Run disqualifications?
4 years ago
California, USA

I'm new to speedruning and and I was wondering what the process is to get a run disqualified. I'm working on getting a time to post for the EENIUNOOBNUS run, and I noticed while watching Huber0987's run that he hits the reset button at 41:42 in his posted run. Under the category rules it states: 'No restart checkpoint, including holding X, you have to walk from level to level.' He is the one who made the category, and I would try to message him first, but I'm still under the 7 day waiting period for new accounts to message others. In my opinion he should either submit another run, or clarify the rules of this run further, so that the dumpster fire run that I'm going to post in the next day or two doesn't replace his due to a rules technicality. I'd love to hear others' opinions on what should be done in this situation.

California, USA

He also resets at 1:32:45.


This reset is not to cut off some distance but because he softlock himself. Thats subjective, but I see nothing too terrible there. 41:42 at least. But rules are rules.

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Nice spot - seems no one actually paid too much attention to that run.

As Harry points out, he resets because of a softlock. We've had a basically the same situation before with ASNRC1PB - it's also possible to have to reset to fix a softlock there. The solution we had was to allow technically invalid runs at first, until someone got a fully valid one. Then we used a validity variable to hide all the invalid runs by default, but kept them on the boards for history. In lieu of any response by Hubert, we'll do the same here.

In normal runs we'd usually just reject anything invalid brought to our attention, but in these two cases they're obscure memey runs, which can somewhat easily be invalidated over an hour in due to a mistake, so we'll be a little nicer.

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California, USA

I'm totally cool with that. Thanks for the clarification and fast response!

California, USA

Thanks for checking my run apple1417! I also noticed that I did Third Wheel unintended as well. I'll resubmit a new run soon. I do hope Huber checks back and submits another run.

I appreciate your time! I'm having fun with this!