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Hey everyone! I thought of a great idea and I thought I'd share. I've been considering learning new games, and I've also been looking with people to talk to in the speedrunning community. So what I was thinking was that I could interact with new people and learning their speedgames. It opens up lots of opportunities to communicate with great and cool new people, which would be cool. So if anyone would be interested in doing this, I'm open to it and learning certain games, preferably platformers, and rpgs, a new game all together that we could both learn, and maybe if I ever get good, a Zelda game here and there. Thanks for reading! 🙂 Stay awesome all of you! ❤️


Sounds like a most enjoyable idea. I recommend Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse for the Sega. It's only a 30 minute game at best so it's not too over whelming. I really want to learn that game properly.


Yeah, this sounds cool.

My main speedgame is Oddworld: Abes oddysee - New n tasty on PS4, the Hd remaster of the PS1 classic. Its a cool, challenging puzzle platformer that isnt hard to get a hang of. There isnt really any skips in the game, but its recently been getting a few people finding some tricks that are cutting the time a fair bit. Any% takes around 1:10 and 100% is around 2:10 (I have the WR for 100% with 2:14 but thats cuz Ive really only ran it twice and no one else runs the category)

Other than that I speedrun the tutorials for the recently released Evolve. And I also do the Daily and weekly challenges in Rayman Legends, with hopes to speedrun it in the future.


I highly recommend Rogue Warrior to anyone looking for a 20-30 minute run. It's one of the best, most underrated games Bethesda has ever published.


Yeah it would be good to have another game to run when you take a break from your current game.