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I'm trying to record my screen but having difficulty. I can't use the following options:

- Built-in screen recorder because my device doesn't support iOS 11
- QuickTime because it doesn't work with Windows
- A screen recorder that uses AirPlay, because I need WiFi to be off to avoid getting adds in the app

So the two solutions would either be an alternative way to remove adds in the app, or a way to record the screen without WiFi. Does anyone have any suggestions?



Guessing the game doesn't have a purchase remove ads option?
Btw, there is a discord for mobile speedrunning at, someone there might know the answer.


you know you can get quicktime player for windows?


The Windows version doesn't have any useful options as far as I can tell


Try Movavi: https:/​/​www.​movavi.​com/​ios-video-editor/​

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