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Hey speedrunners and gamers,

I'm Shadz, a developer, gamer, small streamer

I'm currently designing a game called Parallel Escape,
and I'm having trouble finding voice actors!

If you would like to be a voice actor,
Fill out this form:

When I receive the email, I will reply with the Google Doc of the voice lines and who you would be voice acting!



fiverr or other such gig sites are a cheap way to grab some voice talent

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Komrade, I know Fiverr has some voice actors, but most of them are expensive for my budget.

I am hoping for some people to voice act for free, maybe..


You'd be better off asking your friends to act. Since you aren't willing to pay for professional talent, you'll only have amateur actors, who'll need an incentive to participate, and friends will be more interested than the rest of us, who don't know what your game is about.

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Oh ok.. I was gonna send the Game Doc when they email me..


@QuivicoQuivico what if he hasn’t gotten any friends?


Instead of people emailing, how about you guys can fill out a form to apply for voice acting:
Google Form:


To prove this game is legit, here are some logos for the game:

I guarantee that some people will think that this doesn't prove anything,
and I agree! The only way I can prove it to you is by sending the Game Document or the Game itself, but I wouldn't do that because that would just spoil the game. 😕


I'll make the logo 🙂

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@KomradeKomrade wdym make a logo?

Do you mean like a redesign. If so, I'll appreciate it! 😃


I was joking, sorry. My advice is get a working prototype first if you're worried about people thinking the game isn't legit. I too got some game design docs floating around with nothing to show for it lmao.

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@KomradeKomrade that was a good idea! 🙂


why are you worried about the game being "spoiled" for people if they're voice acting for it


@IvoryIvory that is not what I mean, I mean I'm not gonna post the game Doc for everyone to see, only voice actors would be able to see the doc!


clicked fast
saw "work for free"
clicked back because "what if? Let's help a fellow indie dev"
game doesn't even have a working prototype, demo, trailer, screenshots, info (engine? 2d/2.5d/3d? artstyle? current state? genres? target audience?) so you're probably just going to waste time on a project that will never see the day.

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Game Info: Multiplayer Story Game/Warfare
Type: 3D
Engine: Unreal Engine
Genre: Sci-Fi
Target Audience: I'm targeting people who enjoy solving mysteries and playing with friends

I'm going to get a trailer and a prototype working!


BTW It's not going to be an Indie Dev game,

It's being created by a studio, Shady Studios


@KomradeKomrade are you just here to intimidate me?