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iceberg so far:

I need to add the changelog, and read through the entire changelog to hopefully find some more trivia
I need to add GWR
I need to add SpeedRunRecords
I need to add "site forums are actually game forums"
I need to add
I need to add "friend requests"

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I think Michael Chillino should go in the bottom tier but I wasn't on the site when that happened so idk how bad it was

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I just searched in Wayback Machine and found that there were a lot of former content mod, former full mod, and former admin


Wow you are so smart

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Wow, that sounds so ironic to me


just found one,

"Pac's entry's in the Guinness world record book..."

okay so, I was looking around my room and found a 2020 gaming Guinness world record book, I was bored so I decided to read it, and there was a speedrunning section, I went over there and this was basically the book way to tell you about the Guinness world record speedruns from like a year ago but in the page, there was a interview with Pac himself

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One more: series verifier

  [user deleted]

Because verifiers literally cannot do ANYTHING to a series, Quantum.


Suggestions for things to add:
Series mod abuse
The general games page showing incorrect statistics.

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@terterterter I don't want to add anything "dark" because this is a meme and I'm not taking it too seriously
adding a guy who doxxed an src admin and is an asshole to the iceberg is no something I want to do

right now, I'm looking more for obscure trivia and not "concepts" like series mod abuse

could you explain what you mean by "The general games page showing incorrect statistics." ? that sounds like something I might add


is that one thread with 77 pages of the same reply on here



The Active player stat in the general games page is different to the one viewed in each individual games' stat page.
The way the stat is ment to be calculated is quite complex but it does allign with the statistics pages of games. Whilst the general games page shows a different number. I've tried mapping it out but it just seems to be random. Sometimes higher or lower than the true number. I once saw a game with 0 active players show up as 7. It has been like that for 3 years now. Before that the two numbers were alligned but at some point one just spazzed out for no reason and it remains like that to this day.

Also, if you don't want to include things like "concepts" or "dark" stuff cause it makes it "serious" or whatever at least remember to take out farming as well. Since it most certainly is a dark concept.

Also, "Marathons" for one of the earlier tiers.


@terterterter The two "active players" stats on the statistics screen and the games screen, are different and follow different rules.
I made a complete guide to how to calculate them here:

I don't think the logic was changed in the last 7 months.



Thanks, I was not aware that someone figured out how the general games page handles stuff.

Though it is still at least a little bit notable how two parts of the site show two different stats with the exact same name.

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Apparently there used to be friend requests in the messages beta from some screenshots by @HowDenKingHowDenKing

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The only lowest thing on the iceberg is 'The mods are racist thread'


the mods are racist thread is pretty well known, definitely not a low tier thing. especially since there are already some very obscure stuff on there. 99% of src users know nothing about @Starsmilley ,, or the "ban button" leak

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ban button leak... that sure was an unforgettable day

Of course, @Starsmilley is such an elusive topic that even I, as knowledgeable of these forums as I am, hardly have broken the surface of WoweeSmug

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Setting your page url to "0". DO NOT RESEARCH


Setting your game page url to certain things has interesting consequences.