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I have had the idea to make something like this. If someone wants to actually make an src iceberg, I can help.

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I would actually like to see this made

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Tier 1 - Speedrunning Youtubers, Minecraft, Dream, Twitch, the src Twitter account and Discord server, LiveSplit

Tier 2 - Support Hub, Elo, starsmiley, Banned Users, Deleted Users, Suspended Users,, "Rare" usernames, Site Rules, Valhalla, Original Donor and Twitch Partner badges, Heart Rate Monitor, Articles, People with a ton of socials, Double Spotify socials, Forums

Tier 3 - Game and Series Request form, src support email, Farmers, Retiming tools, Bots, Pac, Bumping threads, @SpeedrunPosts, Series that have 2 games or less, Staff Test, “Mods Are Racist” thread, Site Statistics, "SMB1 Speedrunning discord" thread, Bots Deletion Thread

Tier 4 - Moderation Bans, Moderation Farmers, Variables, Troll runs, Rickroll submissions, Jaypin88, Pac deleted runs, “Dream Admitted to Cheating” thread, norris_h_duke, Mango Man/1

Tier 5 - jackzfiml, Firewall, FrostySR, jojoretrogamer, NoeZip, SuperAL1, Emiko/Reni/SharpsDoubleRifle, SpaceByte, Torchic/PikAsriel

Tier 6 - Moversdubai, Starsmilley, Popefrancis, kiken

Tier 7 - Earth was a mistake, Allegations of Abuse

Tier 8 - MiachelChillino

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I’m noticing a distinct lack of moversdubai.

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Yeah, tier 6 is Starsmilley and moversdubai

evidently you're not on tier 6 yet

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What is this meme? What are the tiers supposed to represent here?

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yeah never understood this meme

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@Oreo321Oreo321 Tiers 5 and below are just users on the site


@jackzfimljackzfiml That doesn't make any sense


The meme was originally designed as an 'iceberg' to show the depth of content on the internet, for instance, the 'light' web would be at the top, unlisted videos a bit below that, unusual webpages below that, and so on and so forth until you reach the 'dark' web or the Abyss on an Iceberg, below the ice. The tiers represent how either disturbing or difficult to find something is, or how concerning the story behind something is. I think what Jackz is trying to do is show more interesting or more rarefied users or their community footprint further down, but to be honest it's not very easy on one website with specific users. If you're trying to make this a reality @jackzfimljackzfiml perhaps look into the site's history and prolific figures or forum threads that are disturbing/interesting.

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Tier 4: Lor's ban

-1. rickroll
-2. usage of the gamer word what i said for 3 years ago.


I'm not putting you on the iceberg. You aren't interesting enough.

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Earth was a mistake
Also include:
Custom pronouns,
"Secret" locations,
Double spotify,
Rare usernames,
Pac deleted runs

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@Merl_Merl_ Rare usernames meaning names that are now invalid I assume?


Yes. He is referring to usernames that have three characters or less.


@jackzfimljackzfiml Makes sense, although people have different opinions on "rare" usernames. Some only count the ones that are invalid, and some also count the ones that are not invalid that are a popular word (e.g. Meme).

Also, usernames that only have 3 characters or less are not the only type of accounts that are invalid. There's also the accounts that are a banned word and the ones that exceed 21 characters.

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