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I've wanted to try out livestreaming for a long time but I feel like I have so many walls to knock down, one of them being my fear of being judged. I know the Internet is a harsh place and showing my face/voice (I know I don't have to but I like to make the most effort) would be incredibly regrettable if I said something which got me mocked or bullied or something.

I'm nervous enough posting things on Reddit even though there's nothing that ties my account to who I am as a person, besides the opinions I make on things.


If it makes you feel better, almost nobody will be watching your stream unless you're well-known for another reason.


Haha well that's probably a good thing for getting used to the feel of it.


I have no fear. I'm not trying to lie to people. Chances are other people are more of jerk and/or less skilled than you.


Honestly, I just go along with it, I couldn't less about some random people in the internet saying shit about me when they don't even know me irl. If anything, I pity them that they have nothing better to do with their time.


Never had the fear. I realized that if someone is stupid enough to watch me speedrun for 3-5 hours and tilt, throw, and choke, that person is probably f'ing stupid. So I feel better.

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Its quite simple you just don't enter their world. Social media has made people feel wayy to comfortable disrespecting other people and not getting punched in the face for it. Trolls are common across all social media platforms, I recommend just blocking/ignoring them. I'll give you a fine example, some of the best and most entertaining videos on youtube even have dislikes and trolling comments so no matter what you're going to run into crowds of people like that. It takes a lot of respect to be who you are and put yourself out there, and that's not something everyone is willing to do. If you're going to be successful then you must ignore bitter people. Thats the way I look at it.

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