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I feel like an idiot.
From my understanding you are not allowed to use emulators for speed runs. I'm confused as to what everyone uses to run the games as while also running livesplit timer. I want to play N64 games, does that mean I need an actual console somehow hooked up to my computer?
I feel like such a noob, please someone help me.



From my understanding you are not allowed to use emulators for speed runs.

Wrong. Incorrect. Negative.

You can use emulators for speedruns all you want. Certain leaderboards might have rules against certain emulators, but outside of that, find a game you like and go fast, rules be damned.


Well most people use the original console because they exist and they've had them for years.
And they can also use a livesplit timer because there's this thing called a capture card they can use to output their console to their computer.
Or they just record their console by pointing a camera at it.
Not that hard.


I prefer to do all my runs that I can on original consoles, however some consoles are difficult to do that with, like with gameboy games, you need to get a japanese SNES and a japanese SGB2 so you can run your games are the same speed as original hardware, so I emulate those.
Some games however will ban emulators due to differences between original console and emulated gameplay, so keep that in mind when looking at games to run.
As for running on actual console, you would need to buy a capture card to get a proper recording of it, but as long as the video is clear enough, just pointing your phone camera towards the TV would be good enough for most leaderboards, so long as they can clearly see the gameplay.

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