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I'm just wondering what setup people have for playing games while out and about.

From what I can see online there are a lot of options from buying and hacking a PSP or a Vita to buying a controller for my Android phone and using emulators.

What do you guys use for this?

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the switch is also perfect for portability. You can't record it unless it's docked, but you can definitely practice your speedruns for Switch games when you are out and about.


I assume that you can use this on the go but I'm not sure. But I use PPSSPP to emulate PSP games on my computer and use an XBOX controller to play them.


the switch is honestly perfect for ILs, as you can use the screenshot button to record your times¤ on the fly.
¤for games that don't need video verification.


some gaves have speedrun modes built in like Legend Of The Dark Witch on 3DS (I know episode 2 at least has Speedrun cards, which even show the times for individual levels)


I run mobile games on my phone (sometimes with a controller but mostly touchscreen), there's a lot to be said for that.

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I read a book or something else along those lines to hide my power level

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