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lately there's a bunch of people who have left SRC, but idk why they'd do that to begin with


While I haven't seen many people actively mentioning leaving SRC, I would guess it has to do with the news that this site is acquired by Elo.

While I see positive things regarding the news, I can also understand all the less good things coming from it. But the future will tell.

Read more about it here:

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I've considered leaving SR recently because of how poorly I feel the Mega Man situation has been handled.


All things end


I'm not aware of a mass exodus from the site, but I highly doubt people really care about sr.c's new ownership, especially since nothing has really changed so far. I imagine a lot of people got active in speedrunning because of quarantine, but now that many places are loosening these restrictions, more people are busy with school/work instead of video games.

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@MisterWolfMisterWolf Yes, the Mega Man situation. It's a lot to talk about, better left for discussion in a thread of its own. If you make one, I'll go over it all with you.

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you cannot stop corruption as it will exist regardless of how things are handled i remember the good old days of SDA