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Of course everyone on the forums has seen:
"Elo team is unreachable or i am doing it wrong?" by now and how one person managed to single handedly piss off almost everyone to the point of having one of the most highly viewed forum posts in recent history, that for some reason has been getting bumped for like 2 weeks. This made me think, is there anything in place to stop someone from just bumping their own thread?
The only site rules this MIGHT violate are:
-"Spam and/or advertising"
-"If site staff feels it necessary, forum posting privileges may be revoked."
,but posting once a day or so isn't exactly spam, I wouldn't be advertising anything, and site staff doesn't check the forums too often, and this doesn't exactly harm anyone in any way.
Obviously the community might get annoyed either right away or eventually, but there's no real harm being done.
I'll probably stop bumping this in like 1-2 weeks whenever I get bored, but I'm gonna try bumping this thread for that time period once a day.

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Spam isn't defined by how often it's done, but rather whether it contains relevant/solicited information to the topic at hand.

In essence, if a user bumps a thread with nothing new to add to the conversation or for unrelated reasons, it could reasonably be pegged as spam. In that sense, staff could get involved if the periodic bumps on a thread get annoying.

That being said, I doubt they'll do anything about a talk thread. There's been way worse offenders out there for you to get into trouble for this at this point. 🙂

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If we're being strictly technical, the thread isn't exactly about bumping this thread, but rather a question about bumping your own threads in general, in which case you could consider random periodic bumps as spam (unless they brought new information about said question to the table).

Furthermore, if there was a thread that existed for the sole purpose of being bumped, we'd also have to ask ourselves what the purpose of it really is. However, as we are in the Talk section and there've already been quite a few pointless threads in the past, it's highly unlikely you'd see any issues here (and I personally don't have any myself either).

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When I saw the title of this thread I at first thought you were just going to bump it over and over.

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Wow it's been 24 hours. Thanks @ O.D.W.

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Didn't get an imagine for today, I'll find one tommorow.

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