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Doesn't have to be related to speedrunning


There are many things that annoy me.
One of them is very strange.

For some twitch livestreams, there is a bot in the chat called Nightbot. I don't know why, but it always gets on my nerves. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've yelled at the Nightbot via chat a few times lol.

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totally get that dude

  [user deleted]

People who put to many emojis in their sentences😾😿🙀😽👀🧑‍🦳👨‍🦰👧👩‍🦰😁😭

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My headphone cable

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-99% of all emojis
-Twitch follower only chats
-Children Screaming
-People who dont pick up their dog shit while taking their dog out
-Hot weather
-Cold weather
-Making stupid mistakes no one in the history of humanity has ever done
-The school i go to being 6km away from where i live and i have to drive there by bike everyday
-Sony not making Ape Escape 4
-When someone speaks oversomeone
-Waking up in the mornings
-Not having enough free time
-My headset cable is too short so it often plugs out by itself
-N64 sticks
-People taking everything too seriously
-Shipping costs from outside eu being ridiculously high
-Paying customs for everything bought online outside of eu
-those two grandmas/grandpas who decide that the best place to tell how your week went to eachother is in the middle of the road/hallway blocking it
-i forgot to record/download one of my streams so its now lost to time
-english pronounciations
-silent letters
-ads on youtube/twitch/src
-when everything seems to be against you
-PAL running slow
-long text to read
-two letsplayers from 2011 got into a fight and guy1 decided to delete every video where guy2 was in, making many of those letsplays "lost media"
-accidentally resetting livesplit mid run

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What’s wrong with Sweden?

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Originally posted by SioN

Nationality checks out. Every time I go to Finland (maybe twice a year?) everyone I hang out with just constantly trashes on Sweden.


@PearPear nothing. just a Finnish joke (which is why the line below that is there). like @11 here has noticed.

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When you have a window open in your room and it's so windy outside that it keeps slamming your door shut.

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It's coarse and rough and irritating... and gets everywhere.

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Originally posted by O.D.W.Sand.

It's coarse and rough and irritating... and gets everywhere.

Hello there

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Do you like sandstorms better?

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You really gotta call out my boi @SandSand like that…

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