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I'm 38 and i have enjoyed playing video games ever since the Commadore64.
I told a friend the other day that i was planning on speedrunning a few games from my childhood etc.
He told me i'm to old for that sh¤t and should get another "hobby"
I do see alot of younger people playing game nowadays ( 15~25 or so ) but what he said kind of discouraged me from playing games and speedrunning them.
I dont know... he hit a nerve i guess. I've seen some streams with " older" people playing games so why can't i ?
It's been gnawing at me for a while now and i actually considered stopping.
What's your take on this ?


One of my best friends in the speedrunning community is like 35 and he's been experiencing a huge influx of support over the past 6 months (closing in on 2k followers after hitting 1k about 1 year ago exactly). Numerous other people I've met through him are also in their late 30s and are still speedrunning games and many of them are quite good at the games they run.

The point is, there is no age limit on having fun. And that is what speedrunning is - a fun hobby. If you have the time to invest in it, then go for it. You don't have to be the best at a game or the youngest one out there. As long as you're having fun, that's what counts. And if you're friendly then people will watch you as well.


as long as you are physically capable of playing meme games you are never too old

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Asking "when are you too old to play videogames" is like asking when are you too old to listen to music, watch movies, play a sport, and so on and so on.

The idea that games are for children and that you can be "too old" for them is unfortunately a mindset that is drilled into us by the stupidity of society and the ignorance of our parents, because all of the above are pointless time wastes and are no different from one another but in the end they are something we enjoy doing.

Anyone that says you're too old to play games is a dumbass. "Don't play games because these people that are irrelevant in your life don't think you should." I know you said it was your friend who told you this, but anyone who is your friend wouldn't tell you not to do something you enjoy doing in the first place.

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Don't let anyone tell you not to speedrun boi! if you wanna dew it just dew it!!! 😃

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never too old for this

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Our parents grew up as kids spending their time watching TV, as their parents told them that they should be more productive, go outside and do something. They're grown adults now, some of them in their senior years, still watching TV for their entertainment. Nobody questions now that their chosen way to pass the time is unacceptable.

We just happened to grow up with videogames to pass the time with. And as surprisingly as it may sound, we're all probably be in assisted living facilities sitting around a TV taking turns at Smash, and hating that our kids are wasting their time in those virtual worlds inside those newfangled helmets they're always wearing.


I'm 39, and still racking PB's!


I'd say around the day they put a tag on your toe.