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I stock shelves in a store. Glamour work, obviously.

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I work retail, do a bit of everything


I maintain the back and frontend of the IT office automation at air traffic control in the Netherlands.
Besides that, I'm studying towards Cloud Engineering, being a rather washed up Souls speedrunner and often visit the spa and watch horror movies.

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Interesting how the OP was deleted, but I think this is still a good topic to have. Also that sounds like important work Daravae 😮

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Its important yeah. But not as important as the operational systems air traffic controllers use to oversee the airspace.
Still, office automation plays a big factor in their work and is in many cases also the heart and backbone of what their systems communicate with and sometimes are even hosted on.
Its a fun and a challenging job but it also means you have to act immediately if a situation that requires immediate IT attention.


I currently work as a freelance composer/audio engineer, though I've worked in a few other places in the past

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Work in an escape room, I always lose my voice because I have to talk a lot 0-0 haha

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@MelonSliceMelonSlice tell me about it. I work as a support engineer for a Managed Service Provider (fancy words for IT support for companies) and I can feel my voice coming and going some days with the amount of calls I take

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@LonneLonne I feel your pain although you proberly talk more than me with being on phones all day, and its like even if u drink all day it still happens haha and throat sweets dont help either. 😣 does anything help you? 🙂


I'm in college getting a Computing Security degree. Do speedruns, improv, and quiz bowl to fill my free time.

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I have an IC manufacturing firm that deals internationally and a night club that I hardly ever visit. In the future I want to live in the woods eating nuts and wasting all my time ordering pizza with weird ingredients to politicians I hate.


Customer Support at one of the biggest Gaming Companies


I'm a pharmacy student, but if I fail the competitive exam I'll probably study biology and make music on the side, along with creating content on YouTube and streaming on Twitch, I already have a nice little audience on YouTube so I think I could grow something 🙂

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I used to be an IT assistant (basic software installation, hardware repair, etc.) but they moved me to the digital printing department. I operate an HP Indigo Digital Press, as well as a Konica Minolta Accuriopress.


I'm a part-time tutor for primary school kids. Managed to keep my job throughout quarantine thanks to the wonders of the internet!

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Sort of necro'ing the topic a bit, but I'm a Navy veteran going to University for an IT degree. No job at the moment, internship stopped before it ever started due to current situation. Consider myself lucky to have partial disability for income.

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