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The moderator seems to have verified the run... or not.


An admin verified a meme?


The admins...


oh no, bad moderation on LOGAN KART 8


Not only did @goet999 verified a meme run, but at the same time, none of the runs he submited has video proof. You can barerly call him a runner, let alone being a bad moderator.

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billy hatcher and the giant egg also has a meme run, but the time is maxed and it's last place

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@DarQ_Massacres Atleast it's last place not WR


@regedit Even if it is last place, you need to treat it like it is WR. Game mods need to be at least this sensitive.

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@SpiderSponge Oh , Ok then
Note : I found out that the mods never read the forum lol


I'll clap for Spiderman, but it's still not a run. Regardless of how well known or ran a game is, the mods do need to deal with it somewhat seriously. isn't about some memes it's a site for speedrunning. even when were speedrunning memes it's the game, not some random funny gif or something.

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the run got rejected by full mod lol

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You know, I was more impressed at how craptastic that game looks.