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You'll probably get better results if you talk about his in the Paper Mario forums or their Discord server instead of here.

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ya good call, im new to this site


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i was trying to delete the thread, how do i do that? i moved the post to the paper mario section, i havent used forums for a long time...


i cant figure it out, anyways heres the original post

So I have done lowest level runs of Paper Mario before but ive decided to make things more difficult, but im not sure if it is even possible yet. I'm wondering what you guys think.

The original rules:

-Lowest level possible (only gain starpoints if there is no way around it, lots of fright jars...)

-5HP 5FP (as soon as you reach level 3 you immediately go to Chet Rippo and downgrade your HP to 5, you have to level up BP and FP once each to do this. after this is done you can only level up BP)

-No FP Plus or HP Plus (pretty self explanatory)

New rules added:

-No danger Mario badges (any badge that helps mario while he is in danger, which means 5 health or less are not allowed, so no Last Stand, Power Rush, Mega Rush, or Close Call)

Leveling up partners is allowed, which lets you use Air Lift on the the Stone Chomps in chapter 2.

The reason im trying this is because the game gets way to easy on a lowest level run once you get the danger mario badges because your always in danger. Have any of you guys tried this before? Im grinding through it rite now


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posting Kappa just so this thread can live on.

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