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I was wondering what was your motivation to start speedrunning
me personally I just thought it would be really fun

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Deltarune and Undertale

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A friend showed a different website to me, I tried to remember it 4 months later, got the URL wrong and made an account for 🙂

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Saw GDQ a long time back, discovered speedrunning from it. Speedrunning turned out to be rather fun, so I just kept doing it. For me, it's kinda like solving a puzzle in a way, and some part of me really likes the challenge it puts forth. I suppose I can summarize this better:

haha, game go zoom

(That's how the cool kids do it these days, right?)

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I saw fruitberries, lime wool speedrun on minecraft cateory extensions and that motivated me to start speedrunning, and dream, kinda, but yea..


the bljs in sm64 looked cool


Club Penguin Ban

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sonic mania time trials


I got really into Xevious last summer, and found the leaderboard on this site on Google. I figured it would be cool to be 10th in the world (out of 10) so I made an account and submitted a run.

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My friends sister made me watch Jaiden animations speedrun cooking mama 2 with her


I started speedrunning to spite everyone who said I can't.
Also, funny.

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I started Speedrunning because I wanted to get an achievement in my Game and I didn’t wanted to play the whole game again (cuz it costs like 15 Hours). And I still didn’t get the achievement. But I can Speedrun it now so HECK YEAH!

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There's a couple of factors that came into play:
• For starters, I used to not like to replay games I had already completed as a norm. Usually it'd make me feel like I was repeating games for no reason and I was essentially wasting my time (which I now know that this is the case for all games, whether you completed them or not 🙂 ).

• This resulted in me subconsciously developing a very janky approach to playing games: I kept dropping games half-way through for long periods of time, to the point where by the time I got back to them, I had to restart them to get a refresher of the story and/or the mechanics of the game in question. Ultimately, this led to me knowing the first third/half of most games I played like the palm of my hand while also practicing core mechanics quite a bit, which ties in very nicely with speedrunning.

• ...unfortunately, this also meant I was out of my element on the latter stages of most games, so I usually have to do some casual playthroughs to force myself to beat the game first before I attempt speedruns. Nowadays I don't have the same issues I previously had with this, so it's not a big deal.

• As a result of me not wanting to replay games I've already completed for no reason, I was kinda looking for an excuse to replay them, and speedrunning was perfect for that task: it allowed me to push the gameplay to new heights, giving me a new challenge and something to look forward to while playing old games, which really adds to the replayability of any game (no matter how easy it was previously).

• As a small side note, I was on the verge of starting this hobby for quite a bit before I actually began, but the one thing that encouraged me to start was when Stan Lee died. Yes, exactly like you just read.
You see, I'm a really big fan of Spider-Man 2000 and it's a game I've played to death, so when Stan Lee died, I thought it'd be a nice gesture to dedicate my first speedrun of SM 2000 in his honor (which was also my first speedrun ever so, y'know, big deal). Of course, I didn't know it back then, but your first run for any game always stinks, so in the end I never publicly acknowledged this. I'm sure I also had other more selfish reasons to start doing this in the first place, but there's no denying that without that small nudge it'd have taken me even longer to realize I'd like this hobby, so for that I'm grateful.

tl;dr I started speedrunning because I'm dumb and I used to play games the wrong way. Also Stan Lee is ded

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I beat the WR at the time without meaning to after stumbling upon said WR on SDA and wanting to replay the game for nostalgia's sake which led me to try actually being serious and see how far I could push it , though at the time the game wasn't on SRC and I was too lazy to bother doing anything about it.
Then sometime latter another game which I had spent about a thousand hours on suddenly got a speedrunning community and more or less the same thing happened which is how I actually started speedrunning a bit more seriously.


I really hated that I couldn't beat Castlevania (NES) so I got good.

Reminder to play Castlevania (NES).

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"lmao it took this guy 3 hours to beat a Phineas and Ferb game I can beat that"


@JubileeJubilee Yet your time is over three hours. 🙂

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