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I'm taking a step into the speed running world. I have a few games in mind to try.

I wanted to list off the equipment to see if I missed anything.

I got the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S

an HDMI splitter

and a RCA to HDMI

So my plan is to go from lets say.. SNES to computer

SNES A/V Cords > RCA to HDMI convertor

HDMI Convertor > HDMI Splitter

HDMI Splitter will go to tv and elgato

Elgato > Computer

I have a webcam and a mixer for audio (for the podcast, I didn't just buy that)

Am I missing anything? Any suggestions? I'm new.. so any advice I'll happily take


The RCA to HDMI is the most likely problem point. Unless you got a good quality upscaler like a Framemeister, a cheap converter will usually introduce lag and delay to your capture. The problem is that since you’re gonna be converting it before the split, I’d be concerned about the delay and lag flowing through the split which could mean you’ll be playing while delayed. Granted, that could end up not being the case, but it’s something to be aware of if you find yourself with quality issues or delay in the game.

But other than that it sounds like a decent setup and you’ve got the right idea with how everything will be connected together.

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I appreciate the advice! I haven't gotten my set up, I just ordered it. Thank you!


Microphone if you plan on recording your voice. And why get a mixer? You can adjust audio levels as well as use other effects in other programs.

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States the mixer is for the podcast, which makes sense if there's multiple audio sources. Didn't buy it for speedrunning

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Don't be scared to fail or that your stream/video isn't perfect.
Your setup seems good! Go for it and good luck!

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Yep. Mixer and audio equipment has been there for a bit for other projects. I just assumed I could fit those into the mix to have decent audio quality! I guess my order is going to take 2-3 weeks from amazon.. Hopefully sooner.. but this gives me time to figure out which game I want to go for and practice. I don't think I'll be beating any records my first stream, so I hope I don't come off cocky. I doubt I'll even hit a board.. unless its Garfield Caught in the Act that only has like 3 runs on the board.

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Ooh, Garfield Caught in the Act! That's a good one...

Been meaning to try a run of that myself. Used to "speedrun" it on the game gear back in the day, partly because game gear's battery life was awful, and partly because it was one of the only games I had.

Best general advice I can give is to focus on competing against yourself to start. Do up your own splits and route. Iterate until you can go no further, and then take a look at what other folks are doing and add some of that in as well. Just might discover you're doing something better or more consistently than all the rest that you wouldn't have considered otherwise.

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