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I have been playing/following a certain indie game, "99Floors", that claims to be "the hardest game in the world" for the past month after seeing an article on RPS about it and how no one has managed to beat it. Recently a Russian speed-runner managed to "speed-run" it in NINE HOURS (even with the use of MULTIPLE glitches) making that the quickest time the game has ever been beat. I myself cannot get past floor 34 (and judging by other speed-runner's attempts they cannot do much better). I want to be the first to beat this damn game without any glitches but it just seems frustratingly impossible. So My question is has anyone here tried to speed-run this game, and if so, how far did you get?

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upd: why don't you just practice hard enough to beat that guy?

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For me I don't think it is just a question of practicing, personally I think the game itself is WAY too hard and depends a large amount on "good luck" since levels are randomly

While I do agree with you, the point I am making is that I think the game is practically impossible since the only person who has managed to beat it since it's release is the
Russian player, and even then that took him nine hours with the use of multiple glitches. That's why I wanted to see if anyone else has attempted to speedrun this game.

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The hardest game ever?
How about beat Wings of Vi on Demon difficulty with Doomed + Hellspawn modifiers? Wings of Vi hardest that i know and I think it's humanly impossible (with these difficulty settings).

About 99Floors, run with glitches is a legit run and this is not the hardest game ever.

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Considering all of the DQ XI hype. I would have to easily say Dragon Quest 1. I streamed it for 2 hours and was tired of the relentless leveling up. You only play as one character and basically all you are supposed to do is level up while walking around the world map. The combat system is basically attacking with your weapon and using a few spells. This game does not seem to have the many storyline and break scenes like Final Fantasy. You also have to run into the starting town to fully replenish MP and there only seems to be one heal spell and few items and weapons. I think I have no interest in speedrunning this one, but I will give the sequels a try, since they seem to go in a different direction later in the franchise. I really think it was the fact this was released when Role-Playing wasn't as big as it became since SNES came out. I LOVED Shining Force much better which was pretty much the same thing tropes, but with tactical strategy and more accessabilities.


There is no hardest game. The hardest game i own is probably either Last Battle(GEN) or Gran Turismo 3 and it's EVIL S LICENSE!!! Also the ring shot mode in the Mario golf games can go screw thierselves!


For me the hardest game is Mario! I cannot win for three years