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That setup is fire


I ain't got a pic for ya, hoss, but I've got a 15 year old, mega size DVR that I use to play them "conned soul" games off a right tiny CRT

O' course, it's all hooked up and goin' to RF signals, so the picture's nice and clear- clear like the horizon of an industrial district in the big city.

It's a right mess in 'ere, what with the fammycom, switcheroo, and that white we box all in the same spot


I got your fammycom and we box right 'ere, pal

(yes that's a ps1 pad into ps2 ddr mat converter for gamecube)

(edited: )

Tha's a top tier converter ya got there, immensely useful

wish i had one

Edit: I'm quite serious about my setup though

CRT is fantastic on NES games, Wii games not so much


Phones dead so I cant send a pic of my plasma, heres my desktop instead


@KomradeKomrade 's first picture made me laugh so hard


When your Mom says you should go outside:

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Phone's not dead, heres my setup

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Damn you got an SP? Nice.


Man, my setup is s c u f f e d compared to these.

Especially Pepsi-guy's setup.

  [user deleted] literally all I have
RX 470
Ryzen 2700X


my setup is

a laptop

thats it

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